Bee Happy

We have so much strawberries, we just can't eat all of them. We get about 5kgs in every 2 or 3 days. My mum decided to try to make Strawberry jam out of some. And she let me help her. It was great fun to do it.

Mum cut the green little leafs and stem out first.

Then she let me wash them throughly to get all the soil off them.

Before putting it in our biggest pot, she chopped them up to smaller bits.

Strawberry jam makingFor 2.5 kg of Strawberry,  we added 1 kg sugar and about a spoonful of pectin. (Pectin is a natural thickener used in jam and jelly making).

After boiling it for 2 or 3 minutes, it started to thicken up a little. We got daddy to help portion it to jars and seal them. (After washing the jars, they were in the oven for 10 minutes on 100 °C to sterilize them)

We used old glass jars with metal lids. They can close air tight and will preserve the jam for the winter.

Homemade strawberry jamI made some pretty labels for the jam with all the important information on it.

By now, we made 3 batches of Strawberry jam. The second was a bit too runny. To fix it, dad opened the jars and poured all the jam back to the big pot. He boiled it up again and added some more pectin to it. Mum washed the jars and sterilized them in the oven again. We put them back to the jars, and let them cool down under a blanket. This time they are perfect.

Of course I had to try a little of the runny one on my porridge. It was absolutely delicious. 

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