Bee Happy

Last weekend we made some pickled beetroot. This was the first time it came up in the last four years. I don't like it raw, but once pickled, it is delicious. 

First, mum pulled them out of the garden, and cleaned them a bit.

Then I got to tear off the leafs. The leaf is edible, but we composted them this time, because we have a lot of different salads and lettuces at the moment.

Then my sister and I washed them outside in a bucket and Adam gave them to daddy in a big pot. 🤣

We had to cook them until soft and then let them cool down.

While cooling, mum and I made the pickling liquid.

- 2 liters of water

- 3 deciliter vinegar

- 2 big spoon of salt

- a teaspoon of sugar

- a teaspoon of cumin

After the beetroot cooled down, mum and dad pealed and sliced them up.

Then the slices were boiled in the pickling juice for about 5 minutes.

After all this, we put them in clean and sterile jars.

Finally mum canned the jars using a water bath. 😊


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