Bee Happy

Seed PotToday, my sister and I planted a few seed pots. Mum got them form LIDL for us. We got different herbs and a carrot seed pots. It is very easy to use. Just soak the compost tablet in a little bit of water. Then put some in the pot, put the seeds on top and cover them with a bit more compost. My sister lost one of the plant markers already, but we know it is a cress plant laughing I cannot wait till they grow and I can eat them YUMMY laughing  I will update this post when they need to be re-potted. 


Seed pots


Make sure to read about our first strawberry harwest too. My mum has a polytunnel, and most of the strawberries are growing in there. We also have some outside, but they are not ripe just yet. 


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