Bee Happy

Today was my 7th Birthday Party.

My friends and I went to the Leisure Club in Charleville Park Hotel.

Charleville Park HotelWe had a great time there. We went to the swimming pool and played in the water for a long time. We were swimming, diving and splashing water on each other. My little sister was a bit shy and she only played on the side of the pool with fishes and dolls and the sinkers. My brother was upstairs in the gallery with my dad. We all had a great time there.

Then we all changed and dried our hair. It was hard work to dry all the girls hair. 

After that, we all went upstairs to our party room and had chips, chicken nuggets and sausages to eat. Than we all got jelly and ice cream. 

After the dinner, my friends sang the Happy Birthday song and we all ate some cake. The cake was delicious, my mum and I made it. She knows I love chocolate. It was a 3 layer chocolate cake with a busy bee on it. It was gorgeous and very tasty too😁

Here you can read more about the cake.😀

It was the best birthday party ever!!!